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How to decorate a studio apartment

Compact homes allow for jewel-box rooms with bold colors and innovative designs. The layout of a studio apartment  is not very conducive to living with roommates or even entertaining occasional guests. Studio properties consist of a single, open-concept space. There are many different ways you can define areas in an open-plan home. From physical barriers like bookshelves, curtains or screens to subtler ones like area rugs, lighting. Creative furniture combinations and custom designs  allows studio to easily switch from office to lounge to dining room to bedroom.

How to decorate a small studio apartment , to make the most of the the space available. This is the question you need to decide to divide or not to divide? To keep in mind here are some pros and cons:


  • Zoning. The obvious plus point of physical room a divider is the creation of defined areas for sleeping, living, working and/or eating. Those who live and work in their homes may find it easier to switch off if their “office” is behind a curtain, bookcase or similar.
  • Privacy. Studio-dwellers have houseguests just like everyone else. If you have guests staying over frequently, physical dividers (even temporary ones, like folding screens) offer everyone the privacy they need.
  • Focus. This one is entirely personal, but I think there’s something wonderfully cosy about a snug sleeping nook or a curtained office area. Sectioning off these spaces may even help avoid distraction from their intended purpose.


  • Lighting. Studios come in all shapes and layouts, but many have all their windows along one wall. To physically divide this space is to disrupt the flow of natural light, and risk creating dark spaces which must always be artificially lit. In a studio with windows on more than one wall, this pitfall can be avoided.
  • Crowding/Flow. Even when you use otherwise-useful items like bookshelves or smart storage cabinets, room dividers are always going to be another piece of furniture in a small space. Stop to think if the overall feeling in the space, and traffic flow through it, might be improved by keeping furniture minimal.


Denmark interior design
Denmark interior design
French studio apartment
French studio apartment


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