About me: Visual Art and Interior Design

Hi my name is Eszter. I have always had a passion for visual art and interior design. Graphite drawing, digital art and painting are all disciplines and subject that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

From an early age I have always enjoyed visual art. My earliest memory of this is doodling on sheets of computer paper and cutting up old Christmas cards to make collages. I can remember spending most of my childhood just drawing and being inspired to make and design anything and everything. This love of visual art and design has stayed with me over the years and developed into a keen interest in design, particularly interior design. For inspiration I usually look to nature, this comes from an interest in the work of architects and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Eileen Gray and Antonio Gaudi.

Visual Art and Interior Design

Many people believe that graphite and colour pencils are for just children to play and it’s not for making art. I can remember for my first box of colour pencil I got for Christmas from my parents. They were in a beautiful paper box adorned with a picture of a poppy. The pencils weren’t very fancy or specifically designed for artists but they meant everything to me. Over the years I have graduated to more specialised pencils, but that first set will always be special. My favourite one is the Faber Castell polychromos artists’ pencils. Part of a unique colour-matching system that encompasses all Faber-Castell products, especially the polychromos colour pencils contain the highest-quality pigments for unsurpassed light fastness. These colour pencils possess pure lightfast pigments, which makes the led smooth and smudge resistant. They’re break-resistant, water-resistant encased in premium California cedar.

Polychromos pencils can be easily blended for layered effects, highlights, and transitions I like mixing them or using techniques using such as feathering and cross-hatching will give me the freedom to expend the range of colours and textures is available. Drawing with them it feels like freedom. I particularly love using these pencils to render printed computer aided design plans.

Living Room
Visual Art and Interior Design: CAD design printed and hand rendering using Polychromous Pencils

My other favourite is graphite pencils. These pencils were the first ones I have started learning to write and at the same time doodle Mr. Tomato head on a piece of paper and I thought what a magical thing is to do that. I like to create a drawing surface so smooth so that the eye of the viewer never gets caught on a rough spot. I draw values (light and shadow) smoothly by manipulating the graphite after the hatching is done. The result looks like the graphite has been applied in washes instead of hatching. Drawing with graphite feels like sculpting with light and shadow and in many ways it is.
Today, I cannot imagine wishing to do anything else. I published this site so I could have a platform for my work and a forum to debate my interest regarding visual art, design, interior design and ergonomics.